Voyage of the Geek #55 Clint Eastwood's 'Firefox' (1982)

This week, Dan, Tom, Rik & Dave take a look at the Clint Eastwood’s 1982 cold war thriller, "Firefox".

A bit of a departure from the usual fantasy & sci fi we normally look at. A must listen podcast if you enjoy dodgy people doing dodgy Russian accents. Dan’s story at the end about a real Firefox story is worth the price of admission alone.

Writing Workshops for 12+ at Canberra AIE

Blasters, Wands and Werewolves: Creative Writing Workshop

The Canberra Spec-Fiction Guild presents a 2-day creative writing workshop for high school and college writers.

This high-powered workshop will boost your writing to warp-speed! It will cover all your favourite genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Dystopia and more. With heaps of writing exercises, you'll learn inside tips from real published authors and writers: how to build worlds your readers will want to get lost in, create a villains/heroes that people will love (and how to name them), how to write the best scene ever, how to write killer dialogue, plus The Essential Rules for Writing Magic (serving suggestion only—also applies to Sci-Fi).

Bring Your Own Device and Pen & Paper

Optional: Bring 2 pages of your own work for the presenters to look at and give you one on one feedback.

Ages:12+ years

Dates:Thursday 4th & Friday 5th October (2 days)


Voyage of the Geek #48 Krull

Here's another Voyage of the Geek webcast from the backlog of episodes with Rik  This episode we're looking at another 80's fantasy classic, Krull. Is the main female character little more than a cinematic version of Princess Peach, do lasers belong in a fantasy setting and does Gandalf have a less well known, only half as useful brother? Tune in as Dave, Dan and Tony discuss all this and more.


Voyage of the Geek #47 Red Sonya

As promised here's the next installment from my backlog of Voyage of the Geek appearances. This is a wee beauty as it's one of my all time favourite fantasy classics Red Sonya, based on the character created by Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan. Tune in to watch/listen to Dave, Dan and Tony poo poo all of one of my favourite films, and why open ceilings are a bad idea.


Voyage of the Geek Podcast-Justice League

Hidey Ho Webaroonies,

I've been very remiss in posting up the podcasts of Voyage of the Geek that I'm in, so there is a small backlog of fantastic podcasts covering sci-fi classics such as Red Sonya and Krull, which I will be drip feeding to the outside world via this blog over the next few weeks. This week however is Podcast #46 Justice League -Where we look at this more contemporary bit of cinema. You can catch Voyage of the Geek on Itunes, Sticher, Twitch and Youtube.

Game Writing Out West!

Welcome to WestWordsFest

15-17 September 2017

This year, our festival will take on a new identity, with a focus on speculative fiction.
Once again, there will be opportunities to meet with fellow writers and editors and the chance to learn, network and share ideas. There will be representatives from publishing houses, opportunities to pitch your work, purchase the books of others, along with seminars and workshops on various aspects of the craft of writing, plus some fun events. Most of all, the festival promises to be enticing, exciting and inspiring.
As in previous years, the venue will be Western Plains Cultural Centre.

WORKSHOP: Narrative Design and Writing for Games
Join Rik Lagarto for a full day of practical exercises that will put writers into the headspace of writing for games.

Click Here To See Full Program