Writing Workshops for 12+ at Canberra AIE

Blasters, Wands and Werewolves: Creative Writing Workshop

The Canberra Spec-Fiction Guild presents a 2-day creative writing workshop for high school and college writers.

This high-powered workshop will boost your writing to warp-speed! It will cover all your favourite genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Dystopia and more. With heaps of writing exercises, you'll learn inside tips from real published authors and writers: how to build worlds your readers will want to get lost in, create a villains/heroes that people will love (and how to name them), how to write the best scene ever, how to write killer dialogue, plus The Essential Rules for Writing Magic (serving suggestion only—also applies to Sci-Fi).

Bring Your Own Device and Pen & Paper

Optional: Bring 2 pages of your own work for the presenters to look at and give you one on one feedback.

Ages:12+ years

Dates:Thursday 4th & Friday 5th October (2 days)